We are Interior Designers who consign fabulous treasures ~ We can help with furniture sales and also formulate floor plans with options for furniture re-arrangement along with offering customary interior design services.  Let us “edit” you existing pieces that you may have grown tired of and replace with interesting new finds.

Why Reno Folks trust us to sell their upscale furniture:

We believe that trust is the most valuable asset a top-rated consignment shop can have. At Consign & Design (, we hold that trust sacred. We honor the code of ethics, and work tirelessly to raise the professionalism of the consignment and resale industry.

During our first 2 years in business; we have earned the trust of hundreds of Reno area consignors—many of whom have become repeat clients. Our consignors know they will be treated with honesty, fairness, and respect. From their first contact with our staff, to the day they get their last check in the mail, we want our consignors to feel confident that they selected the best partner to find new homes for the fine furnishings that no longer fit their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set the price on consigned items?

Consumers are typically willing to pay one-fourth to one-third of the original price of a lightly used item. The Consigner is encouraged to price items themselves. However, Consign & Design is happy to assist with merchandise pricing.

Is there a contract?

Yes, there is a signed contract that covers both the Consignor and Consign & Design.

How much money does the Consignor receive?

The sale of an item is split 50/50 between the Consigner and Consign & Design.

When does the Consigner get paid?

Checks are issued from Consign & Design after the 10th day of the month for all items sold the previous month. They will be available for pick-up at Consign & Design Unlimited at 7685 South Virginia Street. Suite A

How Do I Start?

Schedule an appointment by phone or in person for a free review to determine your furniture’s current market value.  No appointment is needed for accessories.  They may be brought in at your convenience.

While we do not provide movers or moving assistance, we do have recommendations for movers that we work with, who are professional and economical.  If you choose to deliver your furniture items yourself, you will need to bring help to unload.

Occassionally we are asked to assist with the coordination of independent movers.  These movers set their own prices.  Pick-up fees are deducted from sales.  No payment is required up front.

Consigned items are listed on a consignment contract.  Check your consignment contract to verify that all your items are listed.  We work very hard to insure that all items are listed; however, we receive hundreds of items per week, so, make sure your list is accurate.

Please note the date you consigned and the length of your contract!!! If you do not wish for unsold items to be donated, you are responsible for giving the store notice 1 week prior to the end of your contract.